Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack v3.2.7 + Keygen [2024]

Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack + Activation Key

Automatic Email Processor Ultimate crack


Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack is the all-in-one solution for Outlook to automatically save and/or instantly print incoming emails and their attachments. Various filters and configuration options are available for these tasks, such as the possibility of further processing or dynamic archiving folders for attachments and e-mail messages. Dynamic Archive Folders allow dynamic assembling of the path to where the Automatic.

Email Processor saves attachments or emails from the individual properties of an email. Among other things, the output format (eg PDF, EML, or HTML) can be specified for saving e-mail messages. The standard Outlook message format (saving e-mails as MSG files) is particularly suitable for archiving important messages. The program supports creating an unlimited number of rules to set separate settings for different email accounts.

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Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack Features

  • Moreover, the rules can be applied to emails from a specific period or to all emails already received in an Outlook folder.
  • Automatically save emails (as a PDF file or in native format).
  • Automatically print emails and attachments (PDF files, Office documents, etc.)
  • Auto-save attachments (save all or some attachments from an email using a filter).
  • Extract or print specific files or all files from ZIP files.
  • Monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders.
  • Create custom rules for Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Keygen different tasks.
  • Filter by subject, sender, recipient, and attached file name.
  • Receive status reports by email, forward messages, or notify the sender.
  • Use command line parameters: run once, quit, catch up
  • This can avoid problems caused by too large Outlook PST files and save disk space.
  • The loosening of the binding may possibly take place with a delay – for example, two weeks.

Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack System Requirements

  • Create storage folders from email properties.
  • Perform follow-up actions, such as starting a program with settings, marking the message as read, or moving/copying the email to another.
  • Outlook folder (optionally copies can be made in the clear and without a digital signature).
  • Reprocess all emails (with specific criteria) from an Outlook mail folder.
  • Archive emails from any Automatic Email Processor Ultimate License key Outlook folder and period (e.g. as MSG files).
  • After processing, move the email to another Outlook folder and dynamically generate subfolders from email properties.
  • Regularly receive an Excel report with an overview and detailed information.
  • Restrict automatic email processing to specific days and times.
  • The automatic email processor monitors Outlook and allows you to send emails.
  • Or attachments that meet predefined criteria directly to a printer as soon as they are received.
  • Different print settings for each rule, for example.
  • To be able to print certain e-mails in a different quality.

Automatic Email Processor Ultimate crack


What’s New Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Crack

  • The respective printer is set individually for each rule as well as separately for printing the e-mail message or attachment.
  • You can also specify that only certain pages of the email should be automatic.
  • Printed (for example, print only the first or last page of a PDF email attachment).
  • The Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Product Key allows emails received in Outlook to be automatic.
  • Saved in a PDF file, for example, in the specified directory to keep a copy of the message for backup purposes.
  • Attachments and the email itself are embedded in the PDF file (as an MSG file with or without a digital signature).
  • The path as well as the folder and filename of the PDF file consist of various properties of the email.
  • Such as the date and part of the subject, for example.
  • In addition to archiving the entire email, the automatic email processor can also save attachments automatically.
  • Email properties and attachment names can be part of the path, e.g.
  • H Properties such as sender name in a folder and file names.
  • After the attachments are successfully saved, they are separated or replaced with a link file containing only the path of the saved attachment.

How to Install it?

  • For automated further processing, it is possible automatic email processor offers.
  • Flexible filters to restrict emails to be processed based on their attributes.
  • All criteria combined Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Activation Key with each other.
  • If all filter criteria are met, the task of the corresponding rule is executed.
  • For example, the corresponding e-mail is converted into a PDF file, or all attachments are saved.
  • For example, specify only PDF files that also contain a specific.
  • Word in the attachment filename that comes from a specific sender saved or printed directly.
  • The software is easy to configure and supports multiple rules.
  • It provides the ability to set flexible filtering rules to be applied individually to an Outlook email account.
  • Since you create multiple rules for each Outlook mail folder, emails, and attachments are stored in different/multiple directories eg.


Also, an email is processed multiple times by different types of tasks. For example, a task can be created to save all attachments in an email and automatically save the email as a PDF file, and another to print two copies of the message as soon as it is received. If necessary, the automatic email processor can combine Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Serial Key the path and name of the storage folder for the email, or the attachments extracted from different properties of the respective email. For example, the date the email was received with the subject of the message as a subfolder name.

Additionally, for attachments, part of the original filename of the attachment for the folder or filename under which the program should save the corresponding attachments. Click “New profile…” in the toolbar to create a new profile and open the configuration dialog. Give the profile a descriptive name such as “Smith & Sons Invoices” and add a comment if necessary, such as “Save attachments in Invoices network folder”. Optionally, you can highlight the profile in color so that you can quickly distinguish the tasks performed in the log list.


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