Rainlendar Pro v2.20.1 Build176 + License Key [2024]

Rainlendar Pro Crack + Product Key

Rainlendar Pro crack

Rainlendar Pro is a feature-rich calendar app that doesn’t get in your way but keeps all important events and tasks always visible on your desktop. Rainlendar works on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Rainlendar Lite version is free to download and use. Rainlendar Pro is free to evaluate, but the perpetual license costs $9.95. If you already have a license for Rainlendar Pro, you can upgrade for free.

Events and Tasks Rainlendar supports both events and tasks, which are kept in separate lists. It helps you better organize your life and more easily see upcoming things that you need to do. Events and tasks can also be viewed in Rainlendar Pro Serial Key in the calendar window. Inform yourself in good time before the event so that you don’t forget important dates.

Events and tasks can also contain multiple alarms. Rainlendar has been translated into over 50 different languages so you can use it in your native language. It is also possible to use any language when entering events and tasks. It is possible to print the selected events and tasks as a list or a calendar. Events and tasks can also be written to a PDF file using print media.

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Rainlendar Pro Features

  • All data is saved in the standard iCalendar format (RFC2445), supported by most calendar apps.
  • This facilitates the transfer of events and tasks between applications.
  • It is possible to display several windows on the desktop.
  • For example, you can show calendars for current and upcoming months or have two separate lists with their own tasks.
  • There are many window Rainlendar Pro Keygen types to choose from. cross-platform.
  • The application works on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • All data, skins, languages, and scripts are the same on all platforms so you can easily migrate between them.
  • The calendar appearance changed with skins.
  • You can also combine skins and make as many windows visible as you want.
  • The appearance of events and tasks can also be changed through customizable categories.
  • The functionality was extended with Lua scripts. Scripts can change how skins work in several ways.
  • You can even use scripts to download content from the web.

System Requirements

  • Your events and settings are backed up automatically every day, so restore them from backup files even if you lose something.
  • You can also create manual backups to protect your events.
  • Shadow4 skin widget addon brings new features to Rainlendar such as photo frames, countdown timer, file viewer, weather, and RSS feed reader.
  • Enable the Quick Add Skin widget to quickly add events and tasks with a single line of text.
  • You can even set the recurrence pattern and category of events and tasks.
  • Event and task editors Rainlendar Pro Serial Number customized with templates.
  • Templates can change the default values when opening the editor.
  • Templates are useful when you want to create specific types of events.
  • For example, always make events public when saving to an online calendar.
  • It is possible to export events and tasks in the standard iCalendar format and import the same files into Rainlendar.
  • Rainlendar Pro also lets you import and export events and tasks in CSV format.

Rainlendar Pro crack

What’s New

  • With the Pro version, it is possible to synchronize your events and tasks with the following third-party calendar services.
  • Google Calendar and Tasks, Office 365 / Outlook CalDAV, Network Shared Calendars.
  • Think The Milk, Toodledo, and MS Outlook (Windows only).
  • If you want more freedom, you can simply move as many calendar windows as you want on the active page.
  • Note that you need to go to the skin’s window settings and change.
  • The Month visible variable Rainlendar Pro Product Key matches the month you want to see on the calendar.
  • Otherwise, all calendars display the monthThe log file (rainlendar2.log) is located in the same folder as the settings.
  • If you performed a portable installation, the log is written to the installation folder.
  • You can get more logging information by providing the –debug command line argument to the application.
  • On Windows, debugging is enabled by launching Rainlendar from the Debug Rainlendar shortcut in the Rainlendar program folder.
  • Note that the .rainlendar2 folder is hidden on Mac and Linux.
  • So you need to show hidden files before you can browse (on a Mac, you can also type the path in the Go to Folder dialog to access the folder open.)

How to Install it?

  • If you make manual changes to the rainlendar2 file, make sure.
  • Rainlendar is not running or your changes are overwritten.
  • If for some reason you are unable to quit Rainlendar normally.
  • You can use your operating system’s task manager to end the process.
  • You change the location of the ICS file where events and tasks are saved via the Options Calendar.
  • If you want to save the settings in a different location.
  • You can start Rainlendar2 with the command line switch -c [path] (the [path] defines the path to the settings).
  • You can also move the rainlendar2 file to the same folder where the executable is.
  • Therefore, Rainlendar uses its own folder to store all settings, which e.g. B. is useful.
  • If you installed the Rainlendar Pro License Key application on a USB storage device.
  • Calendars that store events online have the option of keeping an offline version of events as well.
  • This allows you to view and edit events even when you are not connected to the network.
  • Rainlendar automatically syncs changes with the online version of the calendar once you’re back online.


Note that events are never deleted from the online calendar during synchronization. So you have to be online if you want to permanently delete something from the calendar. The offline file option is in the Calendar section in Options. Simply select your online calendar and look for the “Keep an offline copy” option at the bottom of the window. In the authentication Rainlendar Pro Activation Code window, you must enter your Google email address and password. If you have activated 2-factor authentication for the Google account, you must enter the 2nd-factor code. Allow Rainlendar to access your calendar.

Wait for Rainlendar to download calendars from the Google server and select the calendar you want to view. Enter a name for the calendar and close the wizard dialog. If you want Rainlendar to automatically check for changes on the Google server, you can set a polling frequency for the calendar. If you want to display multiple Google calendars in Rainlendar, you can add a new Google calendar (v3) and select another calendar from your Google account. Note that “Google Calendar (v3)” only supports events. If you want to see tasks from your Google account, you need to create a separate calendar and select “Google Tasks” as the type.


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