WinCatalog Crack v2024.1.0.812 + License Key [2023]

WinCatalog Crack + Activation Key

WinCatalog crack

WinCatalog Crack Disk Cataloger is a perfect solution! On the market. Automatically create a catalog of all files stored on your hard drives (hard drives, DVDs, CDs, network drives, and other media storage devices). Catalog automatically captures ID3 tags for music files, Exif tags and thumbnails for photos, thumbnails, and basic information for video files.

Organize your file catalog with virtual folders, tags (categories), and custom fields and use powerful search to find files in seconds, even when no hard drive is connected to the computer. Also, use WinCatalog Serial Number as an easy duplicate file finder. Your disk catalog can be updated automatically through Windows Task Scheduler.

Scan and index your drives once with WinCatalog, and WinCatalog automatically creates a catalog of your drives, files, and folders. Organize your catalog of disks, files, and folders using tags (categories), virtual folders, and any custom fields.
Use a powerful search to find exactly what you need. Ability to extract thumbnails from graphic files (photos, images, RAW images) as well as EXIF.

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WinCatalog Crack Features

  • Data from digital photos and save them in a catalog
    With 2024 disk catalog software.
  • You can automatically create and save thumbnails of graphic files (images, photos) in all common formats.
  • JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, Tiff, WMF, and EMF or created in RAW. image formats of most modern digital cameras.
  • You can also save EXIF data (comments, resolution, [camera model, focal length, and other settings) for photos.
  • This means that you can preview thumbnails of gallery images without opening the media.
  • And you can use it to quickly and easily find a photo or image in your picture and photo catalog!
  • Easily scan to Zip, RAR, and 7z archives, as well as ISO disk images, and add them to the catalog as folders.
  • The program supports Zip, Zipx, RAR/RAR5, and 7z compressed files, as well as ISO and NRG disk images.
  • Archive files appear as files in folders.
  • WinCatalog Keygen 2024 can display ID3 tags including the artist’s name.
  • Song, album, disc cover, and other information for music files in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, OGA, ASF, M4A, M4B, M4P, and MP4.
  • For video files, Catalog extracts and adds basic.
  • Information on the video catalog, including thumbnail, codec, video frame resolution, audio track information, etc.
  • So you can successfully use it as video catalog software.
  • For e-books, Win extracts a title, description, author names, and cover photo.
  • eBook formats are Epub, Mobi, and FB2.

More Features

  • For HTML files, Catalog extracts and saves titles and tags.
  • For text files, extracts part of the text and creates a preview that is displayed when you search for a specific document.
  • For PDF files, Wincatalog creates a thumbnail for the first page and captures the text (if any) so the content can be searched.
  • Advanced catalog search algorithm, search result filtering.
  • Multiple simultaneous searches, es, and duplicate file search
  • Implements both the typical search algorithm with simple queries and the advanced.
  • Search with logical operators AND, OR, brackets, and quotes – this makes.
  • The search is more precise and provides exactly matching catalog search results.
  • And because you can filter search results any way you want, you can find the catalog item you need almost instantly.
  • Additionally, search results can be grouped by one or more criteria to quickly find duplicate files.
  • Unlimited disk catalog size and unprecedented high operating speed
  • The main advantage of WinCatalog License Key 2024 is With this feature.
  • You can create stunning reports containing your catalog of files and discs to send to your friends, publish online, print, or do detailed processing in MS Excel.
  • When you add a disk or folder to the catalog, you can assign a disk number.
  • That automatically increments with each new disk and physical location.

WinCatalog crack

WinCatalog Crack System Requirements

  • Disk location is an attribute that helps you find the disks they are physically stored on.
  • For example, in the image, the location is “CD Wallet 1, Page 5”.
  • More information about the location can be found further down this page.
  • After adding a disk or folder, you will see the full tree structure on the left and the contents of the selected folder in the middle pane.
  • When you select a file or group of files, the most important properties are immediately displayed in the right pane.
  • The set of properties displayed depends on an element type.
  • For example, for an image, general properties, file details, and Exif tag information are displayed.
  • A thumbnail preview is also displayed for images, and the preview is displayed even.
  • If the original disc or file is not currently available.
  • On the screenshot below you can see how it works for digital photos, it works the same for other file types.
  • In the next section below, you will also find out which file types are supported by the WinCatalog Activation Key.
  • And what information about these files can be automatically stored in your catalog?
  • Catalog adds all the files found on your disks to the catalog.
  • Keeping the original tree structure of nested folders and memorizing file attributes.
  • Path, size, creation and modification dates, etc.
  • By default, system folders like $Recycle.
  • Bin and others are ignored, but disable this option in the program options.

What’s New WinCatalog Crack

  • In addition to general file attributes, Catalog 2024 can process and retrieve additional information for the following file types.
  • It scans the contents of the archives and adds all files from the archives to the catalog.
  • Supported archives are Zip (including the new Zipx), Rar/Rar5, and 7zip.
  • Similarly, WinCatalog Product Key 2024 analyzes the contents of ISO disc images (ISO, NRG).
  • It extracts ID3 tags from music files (artist name, album title, cover art (see image on the right) composition name, etc.
  • And metadata (bitrate, duration, etc.
  • From files Music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA. , OGG, OGA, ASF, M4A, M4B, M4P and MP4.
  • One of the most advanced features: Win captures image thumbnails for the most popular.
  • Image formats and makes them available for preview without linking to the original files!
  • Supported types are JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, Tiff, WMF and EMF.
  • WinCatalog also captures thumbnails from Adobe Photoshop files (PSD, PSB).

How to Install it?

  • Encapsulated PostScript files (EPS), and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.
  • In addition to image thumbnails, WinCatalog captures Exif tags from digital photos.
  • Including comments, resolution, camera model, focal length, and other measurements.
  • WinCatalog Serial Code supports RAW image files created by all modern digital cameras.
  • E-books, archive file content, image thumbnails (images) and PDF files, ISO files, and much more.
  • The catalog captures thumbnails and basic media information duration, resolution, audio channels, etc.
  • For almost all video file formats, including AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, MOV, professional MXF format, and others.
  • For e-books, extract a name, description, author list, and cover photo.
  • Supported formats are Epub, Mobi, and FB2.
  • WinCatalog saves part or every text file, so you can preview the file without having to physically insert the hard drive.
  • Simply check the fields you want to check and WinCatalog will do the rest.


Catalog analyzes HTML pages (HTML, HTM files) and captures the titles and tags of these pages. For PDF files, create a thumbnail for the first page and access the text (if any) so the content. With Catalog 2024 you can catalog any number of hard drives, files, and folders. Basically, WinCatalog Crack uses a standard database engine, SQLite. Because of this, it works fast no matter how many records (files, folders, and disks) your catalog contains: hundreds, thousands, many, or even more. With Win 2024 you can catalog any number of hard drives, files

WinCatalog 2024 lets you search your entire collection and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Use natural search or be more specific by using search operators, parentheses, and quotes. After the search is complete, you can filter the results regardless of the number of results it contains. Use the search filter to display files and folders that match one or more specific criteria. You can filter results by type, size, and date (or date range) of files that or modified. Advanced filters allow you to narrow the search depth or display results located on a specific disk or in a specific catalog folder. Find duplicate files and folders in your catalog.


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